Video available

I finally got around to processing the Drone footage and have compiled two versions of the holiday captures. The first is a 38 minute grab.

The second one is a longer assembly more for myself which lasts for an hour and 25 minutes.

These are some shots taken with the phone and the Vlog cam in Landscape

These are some shots taken with the phone and the Vlog cam in Portrait

And finally a set of personal shots with some comments and more dogs in the frame.

Some drone work

I took the drone out of the bag for a view of a fjord in Aurland. It’s not the best weather for it, there are more clouds then wanted to make the colors come out better. Look for my capture of footage on the youtube channel.

First Drone Launch

Yes it did happen today. My first Drone launch.

Had to get my first exams on Drone theory was completed the morning and in the afternoon I launched the first time on a local spot nearby. Once I had the Drone back down and downloaded the footage some more juggling took place to get the first publication launched and published on my new Youtube channel. (Subscribe please)

So far the link to the first launch is private and can only be shared by me to others or accesed through this blog. so here ya go on the first Launch.