Dave has become active in photography since 2007. He allready had some interest in the registration of light and in his education allready tinkered on darkroom exposures. After a succesfull training at the academy in Amsterdam, he progressd on a more semi-professional level and has ever since been working on multiple assignements in Fashion, ICT Portrait Family, wedding and glamour photograpy.

After a break for a few years he has decided to once again pick up a camera but now has added a drone for his picture work to give a more complete scope of his naked eye view of the world.

The first big project he will be undertaking is a trip to Norway where he will be exposing the Norwegian regions to his cameras and share his experience of the trip in the blog on this site.

You can find the main site on this adress www.davedeen.nl
The youtube channel can be found on Youtube Channel 

He hopes you enjoy the preparations, the travel experience and the post processing display of the finals results.