Day 8 crossing the Fjords towards Geiranger

Todays start was a little rocky having issues again with the brakes and feeling grumpy about it. I decided to give myself a look in the mirror and had three options.

1) keep going as it is doing in hopes things would melt away and resolve itself and experiencing more and more tension about the issues on climbing up and additional fuel costs becuase the braking issue would still exist.

2) look for a workaround or try to work the issue hands on sacrificing a possible half day of tooling but in the end getting a more happy experience during the adventure.

3) yeah let’s not even go there. It would feel like a failure to myself if I were to turnaround.

So the choice was made after some sensible analysis with the repair manual and a delicious cappucino. So i took the main break cilinder at hand an started tweaking the adjustments some more. After an hour of tinkering and some stops underway it would seem I now have the issue under control. Felt better driving now, no weird tremors on the steering wheel from the brakes and the engine got more juice to the road. So climbing up is better and breaking felt more reliable. Issue handle for now it seems.

Crossing up to the fjords and driving around them, I again was rewarded with some excellent sunny weather and not too hot. gorgeous views again convinced me to grab the drone again and shoot some “passenger” shots with the rocket. All will be shown on YouTube as soon as I have enough wifi capacity.

The main road was blocked by some local 4-legged traffic

Crossing the Fjords going up and down does bring on the temptation to stop every 15 minutes for more sucking up the countryside beauty. It’s worth sacrificing some travel time so I’m excusing myself by “giving the dogs more breaks out the car” and enjoying the views. But i also need to sacrifice a lof of the views if I want to experience the rest of my planned visits.

The Geiranger sky-view walkway may be expensive (€25) but to me it was worth the entry. awesome view of the fjord and the valley, another one off the bucketlist and I was treated with sun and low winds so was able to capture some footage with the drone. Of course that will also be show later when I have upload speeds.

Setting a little rock pile for my little girl to show het she has been here.

On the way out it was already heading to the 17:30 mark so i decided to park Hermes along the road amidst melting snow and tundra like pasture. I’m close to a road so dont think I’ll be easily lost here. I’ve topped up the water tank with ice water and am cooking with the same water. I’ve tasted it by hand and its delicious only a few meters away from the melting ice.

It was nice with some sun and some streams close by to have some coffee and enjoy the scenery

Downloading all cards onto the laptop and backup drive takes time I’m thinking of letting replication run in the night when sleeping. There’s literally Gigabits of data coming in and enough to edit for later publishing. As soon as there’s something from the drone and the pocket to look at I’ll send a notification to this page.