Day 5 leaving the southern coastline

It was a nice relaxing overnight on this “beach” camping (only 30 meters away) and we had a delicious early morning walk along the rocky coastal beach with plenty of birds around harvesting on sea creatures and algea.

The beach at Brusand

A long drive ahead today to Odda through mountain passes and villages over some interesting roads. It is interesting to see how many busstops have been placed and I have not seen a single bus along the route. Has to be a coincidence that I keep missing the bus…

Small streams crossing the forrests and roadsides
Had to slow down for a few locals…
Another ferry crossing took us over the first Fjord.
Payments are registered by camera and I have a token on epass which will give me some discount .

I’ve done a nice route again taking the old landrover to some hard work getting up the mountains and fjords. I had a few buckets of water to flush over the brakes as these old thing keep nagging about the work they need to do. Once cooled down they acted fine again. When home i’ll have to replace the brake cilinders to make sure they don’t get stuck anymore. During these stops I manage to capture some shots (see below) enjoy the experience.

Better quality will be uploaded later coming from the big camera.

Tonight the overnight is in Rømdal which is known also as a ski restort. You can see the snow on top of the fjords still present.

Rømdal still shows snow

I had enough steering and pushing for the day and didn’t make my target by an hour. I will try to make up for it tomorrow. For now its noodles and some fruit then some editing of some drone footage and a nice rest in my hammock which sleep deliciously.