Day 25 Another challenge

Waking up to that lovely field of gold is just delicious with no sounds from civilization. Birds chirping even a deer burling close by. lots of privacy and a slow little breakfast got us started.

Then the next challenge on this trip presents itself at the moment I was gonna change the car direction to tank some diesel. No Bang! This time just a very surprised look on my face when I tried to move gear and lifted a broken gearshift rod in my hand. I was not going anywhere for a while.

Years of work had the poor rod surrender to another move and broke off

So what to do when your gear shifter doesn’t move the gears anymore. Well, you get out the manual and take things apart. It took me two hours to find a solution and take out the gear shift lever casing

And it was a flintstone car! Panels had to be removed to get to the shift casing but was fortunately an easy job.
There was an easy solution for it. They just had to be welded back together.
A friendly German car mechanic from a nearby garage welded them together for free.

Now that the part was repaired it was putting things back in place and see it the shifting worked. And it did, so we finished what we came to do which was to fuel up and head out again. Total time needed for the repair 4 hours which was mostly taking plating off and putting it back. not bad for a catastrophic repair job.

Driving to Groningen was a little boring, so I had put on a nice podcast to listen into while Hermes was tapping away the kilometers. The podcast is valled the Gom Jabbar and is a fan podcast about anything Dune which is one of my favorite books and later movies. Funstuff discussed gave me some distraction from the boring ride.

Decided to push through and make the return complete. So a few more hours later and we arrived at the home location. One more night in the car was going to be the last one this trop. While pesticides in the house did its work we had the last sleep in the car.

Looking back it was a challenging trip with beautiful stuff to see and experience. Glad we did it and happy to have some extra time with my little girl now. Now wrapping up, unloading and cleaning stuff. Hermes did it’s work and the engine was very reliable. On to the next one…