Day 24 Just passing through

Early rise again today and heading to the highway. The intention for today is to make best speed and distance passing Denmark towards Germany. Which I actually did very well. I ended up near Bremen some 600 kilometers from the morning start. It had taken me some longer then intended though. At start the time of arrival was stated 12:20.It ended up to be 16:40 with breaks, a small traffic jam and a speed maximum of 80 kph.

A quick stop to prepare some breakfast and grab a large cappuccino , then music on the headphone and staring over the wheel for a few hours while the boys in the back continue to lazy on snoring the time away farting the car up.

There’s good news about fuel for the remainder of the trip . Prizes per liter have now dropped to €1.85 thats a €0,60 drop per liter. Yeah Norway was expensive…

The last ferry ride for this holiday was over the Elbe.

I was disappointed when arriving at a camping site 9 minutes past 18:00 and people were still in the reception area. When I asked if they are closed they stated yes and did not bother to ask anything else like why I might be late. So i told them “Fine I’m leaving and you will get a bad review.” No one bothered to even reply.

Found a nice wild camping overnight spot near a wilderness area dead in the middle of a civilized German village

When I thought I found a suitable overnight location, it seems prostitution was a common place there. So I made a meal looked at the circus of supply and demand and decided to pack up for other possibilities once my meal was in. A second location also did not work out as it would seem that these little caravans of “horizontal business” are more common at truck stop locations. It did however point me to a forested area where no traffic and no passing people are common.

4×4 is so handy