Day 22 Climbing out the forrest and planning

Waking up to utter silence and only two or three birds chirping is quite the meditation moment. we had no animal visitors last night not even mosquitos. It was dry even though it had been raining into the night but that didn’t bother us.

Early start of the engine in low 4×4 gear again and we we went climbing up the forrest trail. Wobbling and shaking a little we came up to the main road again and proceeded up the trail with sheep scattered around the road.

Into the clouds we went

We had to climb some more so we ended ip driving into the clouds. Which was fun to add to my experience as a Senior Service Manager Cloud. Having actually physically been driving course into the cloud myself is something for the next team meeting.

I have booked the crossing back to Denmark for Tuesday evening so tomorrow will be our last day in Norway. Wanted to have some more sun before we left so waited till tomorrow to book that last stretch on Norwegian soil to Larvik from where we will have the 17:30 crossing.

Time for a coffee break, it just turned dry again and will most likely stay that way.

The rest if the day was kinda wet, little showers off and on. I did find a few good prized fuel stations with near dutch pricing per liter. Other then that just enjoyed the views as I passed the Lillehammer region. With a nice spot on the last Norwegian camping and some tomato soup while the boys lounge in the sun I reflected a little on what to do when I cross over. Will decide once I’m on Euro mainland again.