Day 10 up the Atlantic road

So today had an easy start, no rain not too much wind and even a little sun. The facilities in this camping were good enough for the €35 overnight. It got me enough band with to secure all the footage and media to the cloud stores so thats a relief allready.

Cooking inside Hermes with the boys and rain outside was a good succes yesterday. The cooler box I have stored in front on the passenger seat worked out fine as a stove support. So i was able to simply use my campingaz for cooking and got to sit and relax when eating while the boys were chilling at my feet. It’s really back to basics this way and organizing stuff well enough.

How does day 10 feel? Well anytime this coastal dweller gets to see an ocean he is happy. This time no exception seeing the vastness of open sea feeling the wind on the cheeks and hearing the birds and water is to me a zen moment. So in good spirits making our way up the coastal villages to lots more ferry crossings to come.

Island names like Trustna sound unfamiliair to me of course but I can imagine that to the locals this name is just another spot in the region. It’s fun to realize that basically we do the same things worldwide we just call them differently and often we have a same purpose for things.

Passing with coastal ferries is somewhat different then the fjord ferries. The larger waves from the sea help rock the ferry and so it is a better experience to me motion wise then the smooth slide across Fjord waters. The view of course is an entire different thing then the fjord are just a better sight.

One good thing is that I don’t have to worry about paying the ferries now. My Autopass subscription should send me an invoice when I’m back. Yes Should… i’ve seen posts of people not receiving anything in hind sight. I’m just counting on that invoice and am happy i get a good view now of current finance status.

Someone said before I left “you will forget something”. Yup I did…. A can opener. Thankfully there’s loads of supermarkets with can openers around but no the Co-op i visited the sweet cashier pointed me to the hardwar store where I was met with a man with raised eyebrows shaking his head vigorously and he even chuckled. I chuckled with him, said goodbye and set a different supermarket store which should have an opener on my navigation. So the ravioli from the cans was good after three days of wanting to eat that.

The current overnight spot doesn’t seem very charming when you see the road but the location has splendid view and no traffic around.

Tonight will be some planning because I have made good progress on the planning and have even gained some extra free days. Days I will be using on the Lofoten to get most of the exhibits and villages in. but first some washing up after my cooking.